Master of Education in Teaching & Induction Program

Are you interested in moving your teaching to the next level while earning your clear credential?

The Master of Education in Teaching & Induction Program in the Reach Teaching Academy will help you develop an inquiry-based mindset while improving your instructional skills.

Reach believes that an inquiry and research-based approach to teaching is vitally important to high quality teaching. The program supports teachers to move from using habits of inquiry in addressing problems of practice to designing robust research questions and consulting research and professional literature to expand their thinking about their practice. Teachers apply this new knowledge to a problem of practice, gather resultant data and analyze their findings.

Candidates who complete the Reach Master’s in Teaching & Induction Program earn a Master of Education in Teaching and a California Clear Teaching Credential while developing into skilled classroom leaders, with a mindset toward inquiry in education.

Who is Eligible:

  • Teachers who have completed our Teaching Academy’s Intern Program, earning a Preliminary Credential through Reach (without TPA or RICA renewal codes).
  • Teachers who have a California Preliminary Teaching Credential, or the equivalent from another accredited credentialing institution may be eligible upon completion of one year of the Reach Teacher Induction Program and an additional course. Teachers interested in this option should contact Reach as soon as possible for additional information.
  • Any teacher who has completed the regular Reach Teacher Induction Program (ECO excluded).

Requirements :

  • Teachers must have at least one class of students in their credential area.

Degree Earned:

  • Master of Education in Teaching

Credentials Earned:

  • Once candidates have successfully completed all program requirements, they will be recommended by the Program for their California Clear Teaching Credential

Tuition and Fees:

  • $8,100*

*An annual tuition of $2,300 for the cost of teacher induction will be billed directly to student employer for candidates also clearing their teaching credential. The employer can elect to cost share the remainder of the tuition.


The LEA program sponsor for Teacher Induction programs at Reach is the Alternatives in Action “Bay Area School of Enterprise” (AIA/BASE), which is accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. You may view the current list of approved program HERE.

For additional information or to communicate your interest in the Reach Master of Education in Teaching & Induction Program, please email

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