Intern Program

Are you interested in becoming a credentialed teacher? 

The Reach Intern Teacher Credential Program will support you to obtain an Intern Teaching Credential and then develop your teaching practice while you are working toward achieving equitable student outcomes as you fulfill requirements for a California K-12 Preliminary Teaching Credential. Beyond these requirements, the program will pay particular attention to less tangible but often more important characteristics of excellent teachers: a sense of purpose, the ability to build relationships, and a commitment to equity in education.

Reach believes that an applied, job-embedded approach facilitates maximum learning. Our courses will ask you to read and discuss key concepts in teaching and then to apply your learning to your own teaching context. With the support of peers in your cohort and with your Reach coach, you will work to integrate new knowledge and skills into your developing teaching practice. This work will be done though coursework and individualized coaching that incorporates both in-person and online interactions to maximize teacher support while increasing the efficiency of limited class time.

Teachers who complete the Reach Intern Teacher Credential Program will be effective beginning teachers who continuously improve their practice and work toward equitable student outcomes through frequent cycles of implementation, analysis, and reflection.

Credentials Earned:

  • Once candidates have successfully completed Preservice, they will be recommended by the Program for their Intern Teaching Credential (valid for 2 years)
  • Once candidates have successfully completed all program requirements, they will be recommended by the Program for their Preliminary Teaching Credential (valid for 5 years)


The LEA program sponsor for Intern Teacher programs at Reach is the Alternatives in Action (AIA), which is accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. You may view the current list of approved program HERE.

Tuition (2023-2024)
Pre-Service – $2,000 *acquired before starting Fall of Year 1*
Year 1 – $8,000
Year 2 – $8,000

Please review and download the following before applying:

*These forms must be completed by the qualified references listed on your application. Note: Alternate forms or recommendation letters will not be accepted. More information can be found in the Intern Program Admissions and Completion Checklist.