The Teaching Academy

The goal of the Reach Teaching Academy is to improve schools by developing the pedagogical skills and knowledge of early career teachers. The Teaching Academy Programs are specifically designed to maximize the nature of on-the-job training of teachers who earn their credentials while in the classroom. Through participation in the Reach Teaching Academy, teachers may earn a Master of Education in Teaching degree alongside a Preliminary and Clear Teaching Credential, or they may earn a Preliminary and/or Clear Credential separately.

Graduates of the Teaching Academy are reflective educators who continually improve their practice through combining the latest research literature with best professional practices in pursuit of equitable outcomes for students.

Toward this end, they are able to:

  • Apply an Action Researcher’s mindset to solving problems of practice
  • Refine and expand the effectiveness of their teaching practice through cycles of inquiry. More specifically:
    • Plan: Gather information and design instruction to address an identified problem or challenge.
    • Teach: Execute the plan effectively.
    • Analyze: Examine evidence of the teaching event to identify patterns and cause/effect relationships within the teachers’ actions and/or the student results.
    • Reflect: Determine strengths, areas for growth, and next steps based upon evidence.
  • Demonstrate proficient knowledge and skills in the relevant California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) and/or the California Teacher Performance Expectations (TPE)


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