Intern Program Learning Outcomes


Candidates effectively plan for establishing a positive classroom community and plan for instruction that meets diverse student needs within their target grade level(s) and content area(s).


Candidates establish a positive classroom environment and deliver instruction that is clear, structured, engaging, flexible, and designed and adapted for diverse learning needs while working toward equitable student outcomes.

Analyze (Teaching Event)

Candidates analyze their own practice to determine successes and areas for growth. They identify patterns in student, class, and teacher actions and use clear criteria to evaluate evidence for self and peers.

Analyze (Student Work)

Candidates analyze student work to determine student progress toward and mastery of lesson and unit learning objectives while identifying trends in the data that may reveal inequitable outcomes for various student groups.


Candidates identify aspects of their plan and execution or other factors which did or did not support student learning. Candidates determine next steps based upon evidence.

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