Student Services Resources

Due to the small and personalized nature of Reach programs, Reach does not have a range of student affairs offices that handle a variety of candidates’ needs as a traditional university might. Instead, we meet the academic needs of our candidates through two means: Reach faculty will offer academic support through each program’s structured coaching/field supervision components. Additionally Reach faculty have the ability to provide referrals to existing educational and community resources and supports.

Reach meets that non-academic needs of our candidates through by providing services from our Student Services Department. Candidates are able to requests and access support in the following areas:

  • Registrar – Course Registration, Transcripts, Tuition and Fees
  • Career Services – Credential Analysis Services, Career Jobs Board, Networking Events
  • Technology Support – Canvas Support  (online learning management system) and Sonis Web Support (online Student Information System)
  • Library Services – Access to library and learning resources