Important FAQ


Can I be in the first year of the Instructional Leadership Academy if I am not in an administrative position?

Yes, you can be a teacher leader, coach or in an administrator position to be in the first year of the ILA. Typically, the first year cohort is a mix of each of those categories.

As a teacher leader in the ILA, how many people do I have to coach?

We ask that you be in an ongoing coaching relationship with at least one teacher. It can be in any instructional coaching relationship (i.e., peer coach, content coach, teacher induction coach)

Does the coaching have to be focused on instruction?

Yes, it should focus on instruction or coaching coaches on instructional coaching.

In the application, when it asks for a demonstration of knowledge, what do I have to turn in?

We analyze your resume and transcript for the elements listed in the demonstration of knowledge. Please be sure to list relevant professional development and training on your resume.

Is an unofficial transcript sufficient for admission?

No, we must have an official transcript.

What is the assessment for the demonstration of knowledge?

It is more of an interview to determine whether you have the prerequisite knowledge listed.

Do you have to have an administrative position for the ILA Year 2 (Clear ASC and Master’s Pathway)?

Yes, the Year 2 and Year 3 of the ILA are part of clearing your preliminary administrative services credential so you must be in an administrator role or a hybrid position.

Do you have to have an administrative position for the ILA Year 2 (Master’s Only Pathway)?

No, you do not need to be in an administrative position to be eligible for Year 2 (Master’s Only Pathway).

What is a hybrid position?

It is a position designated by your employer that combines teaching and another role that has administrator duties. Hybrid positions are typically found in charter schools, and vary by school. Hybrid positions are generally not recognized by districts.


If I am a Reach Induction mentor and I am in the ILA are there other mentor requirements?

The Instructional Coaching and Coaching for Equity courses are the same as the Induction mentor training requirements. However, as an Induction mentor, there are other mentor communities of practice and portfolio scoring sessions that you attend in addition to the ILA.

If I took 420 and/or 440 as an Induction mentor, do I have to take the classes again in the ILA?

No, you do not have to take it as long as you passed the course when you took it as an Induction mentor.

Please contact the Induction at for more information about transferring from another program.

If I complete the coaching certificate or the facilitation certificate, and subsequently enroll in the ILA, do I have to take the classes again?

No, you have completed those classes and do not need to take them again.

For the facilitation requirement, does it have to be professional development?

It does not have to be a professional development series that you facilitate, but it should be some sort of ongoing learning focused arc (i.e., department meetings, grade level meeting, data meetings, PLC, inquiry group, etc.). You do not have to be the only facilitator for the series, but you should have a primary role in some of the meetings.

CTC Requirements

What is the CL777?

It is a form that your employer must complete to verify that you are in an administrative role. This qualifies you to be in the year 2 and 3 of the ILA program.

Does the Reach Year 2 and 3 count for the new state requirement for a clear/ Induction program for the administrative credential?

Yes. Once you are in an administrative position on a PASC, you have 120 days to enroll in a clear/ Induction program and we are one of those authorized programs.


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