Important FAQ

What is an Intern Credential?

In California there are two routes into the teaching profession:

. 1.Traditional Teacher Preparation: This route is designed for full time students in a college or university program accredited by the CCTC (for a list of accredited programs, visit the CCTC website). This option is primarily intended for students who will not be working as a teacher during their training. While programs vary, all typically include coursework similar to that required in Intern programs as well as student teaching.

. 2.Intern Teacher Preparation: These programs are designed for prospective teachers who will work full time in the classroom while earning their preliminary credentials. High quality intern programs adapt their programs to meet the on-the-job training needs of their participants. Teachers who hold a California Intern Credential (either in multiple subjects for elementary school or in a specific subject for secondary school) are considered “highly qualified” and meet the federal and state requirements for being the teacher of record in a public school classroom. There are two types of Intern Credential Programs: University Intern Programs and District Intern Programs. Reach is a District Intern Program.

Intern Credentials are issued for two years and usually must be completed within that time. Completion of an Intern Credential program leads to a California Preliminary Credential.

What makes the Reach Intern Credential Program different from other programs?

Reach is the only teacher credential program (that we know of) to be designed and implemented by working teachers and school leaders. The designers of Reach aimed to create a program that was specifically and uniquely adapted to the on-the-job training needs of working new teachers. The design team also wanted to be sure that Reach was not just coursework piled on top of a full time job.

The creators of Reach recognized the importance of new teachers gaining BOTH practical “how to teach” knowledge while at the same time establishing the “habits of the heart, mind, and hand” that are essential to a career building towards mastery.

With these factors in mind, Reach was designed to be job-embedded, to emphasize one on one coaching, and to use directly applicable performance assessment. Small group instruction integrated with technology emphasizes peer support and collaboration, while allowing for increased flexibility.

What are the admissions/eligibility criteria for the Reach Intern Teacher Credential Program?

For a detailed list of admissions requirements, see the Intern Program Admissions and Completion Checklist. A summary of the major criteria includes:

1) Receive a job offer from a Reach Partner School

2) Hold a BA degree (with a minimum GPA of 2.75)

3) Meet the basic skills requirement (usually by passing the CBEST exam OR, for multiple subject candidates, by passing the writing section of the CSET exam)

4) Meet the subject matter knowledge requirement (by passing the CSET exam or completing an approved subject matter program)

5) Meet the US Constitution Requirement (either through undergraduate coursework OR by taking a US Constitution exam at an approved site)

6) Complete the Reach Intern Program pre-service requirements in the summer before beginning teaching

How long will it take for me to earn a preliminary credential?

The Reach Intern Teacher Credential program is designed to take 2 years (a total of 21 months). The program’s summer pre-service runs from July-August and the regular program runs from August – June in year one and August-June in year two.

The length of the program reflects the needs of full time, working teachers (as opposed to traditional credential programs, which can be completed in a year and are typically designed for full time students who are not working teachers).

How do I qualify for the Reach Intern Teacher Credential Program’s Early Completion Option?

Participating teachers who pass the NES Assessments of Professional Knowledge and Cal TPA Task 1 along with meeting all of the other eligibility requirements of the program, are eligible to complete the Reach Intern Program in one year. The Early Completion Option will waive some coursework and require participating teachers to complete other coursework and the Teacher Performance Assessments through individualized study.

The Early Completion Option is recommended for participating teachers who have prior experience (in private schools, as a paraprofessional, or as a substitute, for example). Additionally, candidates must be able to complete the regular program requirements, and work independently to complete the requirements for year two in a single year.

Download the Reach Intern Program: Early Completion Option (PDF)

Please contact Reach Intern Program Coordinator, Adelfa Hegarty at for more information.

Do I have to take the CSET?

As required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and California State Law, in order to become a credentialed teacher, individuals must show they have a full understanding of the subject they wish to teach. Mastery of the subject area is shown in one of two ways:

1) Passing the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) in the subject to be taught, (see the CSET website for details about which tests satisfy subject matter requirements), or

2) Completing a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) approved subject-matter program (see the CCTC website for a list of subject-matter approved programs)

You will not be eligible for a California Intern Credential if you have not satisfied the subject matter knowledge requirements.

Do I have to take the California Basic Skills Test (CBEST)?

All California teacher candidates must meet the basic skills requirement before being issued a credential. With the passage of Senate Bill 1209, additional options became available to meet the basic skills requirement. Passage of the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) remains one of the options. New options include passage of the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET): Multiple Subject Plus Writing Examination and, effective January 1, 2007, a basic skills examination from another state is also acceptable.

What if I have completed some credential requirements in another program?

Reach will generally recognize coursework completed in other credential programs that are accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentials. Reach personnel will evaluate your transcript, determine what completed courses count towards the Reach requirements, and discuss your options for completion.

Please contact Reach Intern Program Coordinator, Peggy Dove at for more information.

How much will the Intern Credential Program cost?

2018-2019 Intern Program 
Pre-Service – $1,500 *acquired before starting Fall of Year 1*
Year 1 – $5,800
Year 2 – $5,800

If I want to get my credential with Reach do I have to be employed by one of your partner schools before I can enroll?

YES! The Reach Program is exclusively a program for our partner schools. Employment and a recommendation from the school are required prior to being enrolled in Reach. Some candidates have asked Reach to “pre-qualify” them for the program prior to submitting their application or interviewing for a job at our partner schools. Reach personnel are happy to review your application and issue a letter stating which eligibility requirements you meet.

In some cases, Reach has been able to initiate new partnerships as the result of interest from candidate teachers. If you have a preliminary job offer from a school (especially, but not exclusively, from a charter school) and would like Reach to discuss with your school the prospect of becoming a Reach partner school, please send your inquiry to