Master of Education in Teaching & Induction Program Learning Outcomes

Action Research

Candidates begin to develop an Action Researcher’s Mindset by defining a problem of practice, synthesizing literature, developing a theory of action, constructing an intervention, collecting data, analyzing data, and coming to conclusions and implications for future practice.


Candidates plan while considering the how to address the academic task, student relationship to the task and teacher and teacher’s delivery when planning. Candidates independently use the latest research and practitioner literature in order to increase their own knowledge and/or skill in planning.


Candidates execute lessons addressing the academic task, student relationship to the task and teacher’s delivery. Candidates incorporate new research and practitioner literature in their practice.


Candidates analyze student outcomes through observing their own teaching and the resultant student work. They assess the relationship between the academic task, student and teacher actions and examine possible impact on student outcomes.


Candidates can identify areas in which they need to increase their own knowledge and/or skill, and design prioritized next steps for how they will address these needs.

Reach Institute Master’s Graduate Profile (Institutional Learning Outcomes, ILOs)

Reach graduates combine research and practice to take effective action in the service of educational equity.

Toward this end, they are able to

O1. Inquiry: Identify problem of practice, gather information, develop and execute an action plan, analyze results, reflect on implications for future practice
O2. Equity Orientation: Take action to address situational and systemic inequity in education
O3. Integration into Practice: Apply that which they have learned and integrate it into their practice
O4. Collaboration: Interact around research problems and increase each other’s knowledge of the research related to their projects
O5. Commitment: Demonstrate a commitment to creating and sustaining urban schools

Protection of Human Subjects:

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