Teaching Academy

Intern Teacher Credential Program

Designed for new teachers without a credential, the BASE-Reach Intern Credential Program allows working teachers to earn a single or multiple subject preliminary teaching credential over the course of 21 months. Using job-embedded coaching, the program focuses on the personal and professional development of new teachers, grounded in their actual experiences with students in the classroom. Over the course of two school years, participants become part of a team of new teachers and work with experienced coaches to become powerful classroom leaders and effective educators.

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Master's in Teaching & Induction Program

The Master’s in Teaching & Induction Program will help you use research and practitioner literature to address problems of practice in your classroom while developing an inquiry-based mindset to improve your instructional skills. Reach believes that an inquiry and research-based approach to teaching is vitally important to high quality teaching. The program supports teachers to move from using habits of inquiry in addressing problems of practice to designing robust research questions and consulting research and professional literature to expand their thinking about their practice. Teachers apply this new knowledge to a problem of practice, gather resultant data and analyze their findings.

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Teacher Induction and Clear Credential Program (formerly known as BTSA)

The  BASE-Reach Teacher Induction and Clear Credential Program supports new teachers, following the completion of a Preliminary Credential, to move their practice from competent to exceptional, leading to a Professional Clear Credential. Like the Intern program, the Induction program emphasizes personalized and job-embedded coaching. At the same time, the Reach Induction Program connects new teachers to a community of new and experienced educators through a cohort model.

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Instructional Leadership Academy

Instructional Leadership Academy Program

Beginning in 2008, the Reach Institute began offering professional development seminars & coaching to cohorts of Teacher Leaders, School Leaders, and School Linked Non-Profit Leaders. These programs use the Reach Institute’s innovative job-embedded, personalized, and collaborative practices to develop and support the continued professional and intellectual growth of classroom, school and organizational leaders. The program expanded in 2008-2009 to include certificate programs for participants who complete a comprehensive leadership seminar series in their focus area.

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