Important FAQ

What is Induction?

California Teaching Induction/BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment), is a program, co-sponsored by the California Department of Education (CDE) and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) designed to support the professional development of newly-credentialed, beginning teachers and fulfill the requirements for the California Clear Multiple and Single Subjects Credentials, and Education Specialist Credentials

Approved induction programs are accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and must be designed to address specific standards.

California induction programs typically are designed to emphasize the practice and implementation of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession, standards for Pedagogy, and standards for Universal Access and Equity. Most induction programs, including Reach, emphasize mentoring and job-embedded professional development.

What makes the Reach Teacher Induction Program different from other programs?

Reach was one of the first teacher induction programs to be designed and implemented by working teachers and school leaders. The Reach Teacher Induction Program was specifically and uniquely adapted to the on-the-job training needs of working new teachers in small, innovative schools. We designed the Reach Teacher Induction program to be a program that emphasizes choice, personalization, and adaptation to your unique school and circumstances.

How do I qualify for the Reach Teacher Induction Program?

To be eligible for the Reach Teacher Induction Program, participating teachers must: 1) Possess a California Preliminary Credential 2) Be employed by a Reach Partner School and assigned to teach in your credential field. 3) Have access to a Reach-approved Induction coach.

What if I completed some of my teacer induction through a program at my previous district/school?

Please contact Reach Teacher Induction Program Coordinator, at for more information about transferring from another program.

How much does participation in the Reach Teacer Induction Program cost?

Reach recommends that schools pay the program costs for each teacher, making this program free to participating teachers. However, it is up to the school to determine the financial arrangement for the program costs.

Reach recommends that schools offer either release time or stipends or a combination of both for site based coaches who are full time teachers.
Induction Year 1
Teachers that hold a Preliminary Teaching Credential
Progress towards a Clear Teaching Credential

Induction Year 2
Teachers that hold a Preliminary Teaching Credential
Earn a Clear Teaching Credential

Induction ECO
Teachers that hold a Preliminary Teaching Credential
Earn a Clear Teaching Credential

Induction Mentor Training:

Site Based Mentors that are new to Reach
Complete required training to serve as an induction mentor
$1,000 per training*

Please contact contact Reach Teacher Induction Program Coordinator, at for more information about guidance to schools on ratios for Site Based Mentors.

How do I qualify for Early Completion?

Some teachers may qualify for the Reach Teacher Induction Program’s Early Completion Option and can complete the program in one year.

Eligibility criteria include:

– Credential Requirements

– Teaching Experience

– Exceptional Teaching Skills

Please contact Reach Teacher Induction Program Coordinator, at for more information about Early Completion for Teacher Induction.

Can I clear a Special Education Credential through Reach?


Do I need to do Induction in my first year of teaching?

Yes. Within 30 days of beginning your teaching assignment, your school/district must enroll any teacher who holds a preliminary teaching credential into a state-approved teacher induction program.

What do I need to do to successfully complete the Reach Induction Program?

Teachers must successfully complete an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP), Context and Culture investigations, two Inquiry Project cycles, a Mid-Year Survey, and an End-of-Year Survey. Goals for each participating teacher must be developed within the context of the ILP within the first 60 days of the teacher’s enrollment in the program. The Teacher, Induction Mentor and a school administrator (or designee) must participate in the ILP goal setting process.

How will I be matched with a mentor?

The Reach Induction program and partner school will identify and assign a mentor to each participating teacher within the first 30 days of the participating teacher’s enrollment in the program, matching the mentor and participating teacher according to grade level and/or subject area, as appropriate to the participant’s employment.

Do I have to be a full-time teacher to participate in the Reach Induction Program?

You must be the teacher of record for at least one class in your credential area to participate in the Reach Induction Program.

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