English Language Development: Improving the Academic Achievement and Accessibility for Young English Learners

The manipulation of language for multiple purposes is an important skill for children to acquire during their educational careers.  In the United States, children must master the use of the English Language for several purposes: asking and answering questions, comparing and contrasting ideas, items, situation; explaining and through Common Core Standards, the ability to makeread more

Standards Based Math Instruction in Upper Elementary

Eureka Elementary, a district run school located in California, is home to approximately 275 students of diverse backgrounds, including an influx of newcomers from Latin America and the Middle East. With historically low test scores in math, the coach team conducted several observations, gathering data to determine the root causes for our unacceptable performance onread more

Building Instructional Capacity to Meet the Needs of English Learners

The number of English Language Learners (ELLs) and newcomers make up a significant and growing percentage of school aged students and are the fastest-growing segment of the student population, with their growth highest in the secondary grade levels. (Batalova, J and McHugh, Margie, 2010). Approximately three out of four English Language Learners in grades 6read more

Improving Lesson Planning to Increase Student Learning

Lesson planning is a vital component of teaching and learning that provides teachers a framework to guide their lesson progression with the purpose of students mastering the lesson objective. Lesson planning is also another tool to support novice teachers with basic classroom management. The planning process allows teachers to be more confident and foreshadow anyread more

Planning for Specialized Academic Instruction

The majority of students with special needs in California score below proficient levels on statewide assessments, and their special education teachers report feeling overwhelmed. In this study, the teachers were no different. The special education teachers studied serve a dual role as case manager and direct service provider for their caseloads of approximately 20 studentsread more

A Systems-Oriented Coaching Approach to Teacher Retention

The urgent challenge of teacher retention has compelling implications for schools — especially those serving urban, low-income students. Retaining strong teachers is central to student learning and instructional coherence. Teacher turnover, as well as teacher retention, is marked by interdependent root causes. This study explores the range of system-level factors that impact teacher retention. Ultimately,read more

Implementing Protocols to Support Student-talk

As the number of English Learners (ELs) steadily increases in our nation’s schools, the new and rigorous demands of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have placed additional academic demands on these students resulting in a widening achievement gap. The review of literature has shown that as ELs are learning a new language, they must also beread more