Nicole Roberts

Student Writing: Making Claims and Using Evidence Effectively

Writing skill can be a predictor of academic success and is a high stakes assessment for acceptance into college and career. With entry being so competitive, students must be able to write effectively to argue their points. In my time as an instructor at Alternatives in Action High School, I noticed that students struggled withread more

Improving Novice Teacher Practice Through Coaching

ARISE High School is located in the heart of the Fruitvale District in Oakland, California. Given that the student population is primarily Latino at 92% and that nationally only 21% of Hispanics are performing at or above the level of proficient in mathematics, it is imperative that ARISE teachers are able to effectively implement formativeread more

Empowering Teacher Leaders for Instructional Improvement: Using Peer Observation to Increase Teacher Leader Agency As Instructional Leaders

Fostering teacher leadership in a school or district can lead to greater professional growth, job satisfaction, and instructional improvement. With the transition to Common Core State Standards, this is a prime moment in education to grow teacher leader roles in order to support administrators in training and coaching all teachers in new practices. One formread more

English Language Learner Shadowing: A Catalyst for Change

The challenges facing Long-term English Language Learners (ELLs) are urgent and compelling. Defined as students who have been enrolled in United States schools for more than six consecutive years, many Long-term ELLs are silently languishing in our classrooms. Absent a district-wide effort to improve academic engagement and performance of this large and growing student subgroup,read more