Student Engagement and Coaching Around the 10 – 2 – 2 Strategy

Student engagement is critical to academic success; researchers have found that student engagement is one of the strongest predictors of student outcomes and is highly correlated with academic achievement. Key factors that contribute to engagement include providing students with opportunities to collaborate, building in opportunities for students to process and make meaning of material, and setting clear expectations for students. The 10-2-2 strategy is one technique that incorporates many of these components. 10-2-2 is a teaching framework that advocates teachers talk for no more than ten minutes, provide students with two minutes of group processing time, and then provide two minutes of individual processing time. The focus of this action research was to increase teacher use of the 10-2-2 strategy during direct instruction. To reach this goal, the researcher provided professional development around 10-2-2. After the initial training, the researcher conducted weekly observation and feedback cycles with teachers that focused on 10-2-2 and incorporated video. By the end of the study, student engagement as measured by number of students on task during direct instruction increased by an average of 37 percent, and teachers reported that 10-2-2 helped improve student engagement. The results of the intervention also shed light on other key understandings about the positive role video can play in supporting teacher growth and the need to both build shared understandings with teachers and to engage teachers as partners in their own growth and development.

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