2015 August

Developing Independent Learners Through Metacognition

Students must be able to direct their own learning to succeed in college, career, and life. As have many researchers studying high school and college populations, I found this capacity lacking in my 11th and 12th grade AP Psychology students. One recurring piece of evidence was that students regularly construct incomplete mental models, often distractedread more

Utilizing PLC and Coaching to Support Students in Purposeful Academic Conversations

Costano, a K-8 school located in East Palo Alto, serves a low –socio economic and ethnically diverse community, of which 65% are English-language learners. After conducting several rounds of classroom observations at Costano it became apparent that while teachers delivered instruction that was of high quality and mostly engaging, they were not providing enough meaningfulread more

Coaching Metacognition: A Study in Developing Accurate Self- Assessment in Novice Teachers

School quality across the country hinges on high quality instruction from effective teachers. Teacher quality and development are of the utmost importance to all schools, but particularly those in low-income neighborhoods with high minority and English-Learning populations. These are areas where teacher turnover is high, and school staffs are generally more inexperienced than schools inread more

Supporting Teachers in Providing Feedback to Students: A Multifaceted Approach to Skill Development in Teachers

Much research has been done around the effects of non-­‐cognitive skills on student achievement. One non-­‐cognitive skill in particular, student ownership of learning, has been proven to increase academic progress significantly. At Leadership Public Schools, San Jose, many students were failing and were not demonstrating the skills necessary to improve their grades. This action researchread more